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International Organization of la Francophonie mourns Aznavour’s death
2018-10-02 14:21:23

This Armenian of the world has been one of the best ambassadors of the French language, values and especially freedom, the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF) said in a statement on the demise of Charles Aznavour.

“Wherever we are from the vast Francophone space we love and we will always love the man and his songs which are a treasure for humanity,” the statement reads.

“In more than seventy years of his career, Aznavour had become one of the greatest singers of the twentieth century and, above all, one of the most brilliant interpreters of a French language that he will have sung in all shades and on all continents,” the organization said. OIF Secretary General Michaëlle Jean offered deepest condolences to Aznavour’s family and loved ones. Charles Aznavour was to sing at Francophonie summit in Yerevan later this month.
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