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Artsakh expects new realistic approaches from Minsk Group Co-Chairs
2019-03-11 18:15:45

Artsakh expects new realistic approaches from the Minsk Group Co-Chairs, Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian says.

He believes that progress is impossible with outdated approaches.

As regards the recent statement by the OSCE Minsk group Co-Chairs, the Foreign Minister considers that “the mediators have tried to say that the so-called Madrid Principals are still on the table and they are not going to present new proposals.”

“As for the format, the Co-Chairs believe that it’s up to the parties to reach an agreement on the return to the trilateral format,” Masis Mayilian said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

The comments come in the wake of a statement by the Minsk Group Co-Chairs ahead of a meeting between the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In the statement the Co-Chairs urge the sides to “refrain from statements and actions suggesting significant changes to the situation on the ground, prejudging the outcome of or setting conditions for future talks, demanding unilateral changes to the format without agreement of the other party, or indicating readiness to renew active hostilities.

Masis Mayilian disagrees with the opinion that the recent statement of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs was a response to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s thesis that Artsakh should be involved in the negotiations.

“They have reiterated the approaches enshrined in the Madrid Principles and the Kazan proposals. They have not spoken about it over the past year, but now they emphasize that these proposals are on the table,” the Foreign Minister said.

What steps should Stepanakert take to bring it to the international community that the settlement of the conflict is impossible without Artsakh’s participation?

“We have always been worked in this direction, including during meetings with the Co-Chairs. Besides, with support from the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have the opportunity to disseminate our official documents in the UN, the Council of Europe, etc., i.e. we have a chance to present our views in different respectful international organizations. We’ll continue working in that direction,” he said.

According to the Foreign Minister, only in a trilateral format will it be possible to have expectations

He stressed that this format has proven its effectiveness, “if we take into account that the only tangible result in this negotiation process has been the agreement on ceasefire signed on May 12, 1994 with three signatures.”

“This is yet another evidence that progress is possible only in this format,” he stressed.

Masis Mayilian stressed that they expect new realistic approaches from the Minsk Group Co-Chairs, because, he said, progress is impossible with outdated approaches.

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