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Democracy irreversible in Armenia - Nikol Pashinyan
2018-11-09 12:14:43

The Armenian government looks to create a map of world-spread Armenians to see thee existing potential, Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a meeting with Armenian community representatives in Astana.

Speaking about domestic developments, Pashinyan said “democracy is irreversible.”

“There can be no dictatorship in Armenia, the democracy in our country is irreversible. Press has never been this free in Armenia,” the acting PM said. He added that what’s more important is the change in people’s perception of their role.

He said foreigners get the impression that whole Armenia is one family, that “Armenia is our family.”

“We are a democratic country and things cannot be otherwise. People have carried out the revolution against authoritarianism and oligarchic system, and will no longer allow the creation of such a system. Creation of false opposition has been the most destructive thing in our political system since 1998. We are not going to go that way,” Pashinyan said.

“For a long time Armenia has not had authorities and opposition enjoying people’s mandate. We are not going to create artificial opposition, because opposition should create itself. It’s up to people to decide through parliamentary election who comes to power and who becomes opposition,” the acting Prime Minister stated.

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