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Fake or fact? New Armenia-made app will give the answer
2018-11-08 19:10:07

Ani Minasyan
Public Radio of Armenia

A group of Armenian developers and marketing specialists have worked out a web application that will help distinguish between facts and fake news.

The app will be tested before the kickoff of the election campaign.

Anyone will be able to download the app, register, insert the link to any article and check its rating based on earlier assessments.

In a later stage subscribers will be able to rate the authors of the articles, as well.

Co-author of the project David Pedanyan says the human factor plays a great role in the app for now, but expects it to change in the future.

“We are applying some automated education and AI technologies that will take up the function of distinguishing between the right and the wrong,” David Pedanyan told Public Radio of Armenia.

Everything will start from Facebook. Subscribers will have to be registered on social media. This is meant to reveal the fake accounts and exclude their attacks. When revealed, the fake accounts will be denied access to the app.

The first stage of the project will be unveiled before the start of the election campaign with a view of launching the app in full during the parliamentary elections.

David says this is the period when active struggle starts in the media, and believes that the elections will be a good test for the app.

The ratings will help compile a list of reliable media outlets and authors. The web version will be followed by mobile apps for iOs and Android.

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