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Armenia hopes for peaceful solution to Venezuela crisis
2019-01-25 11:53:32

Armenia follows the developments in Venezuela and hopes for a peaceful solution.

"We follow carefully the developments in Venezuela," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a Twitter post.

"We hope for the peaceful resolution," the Ministry said. 

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has said he would consider an amnesty for President Nicolás Maduro if he cedes power, the BBC reports. 

Mr Guaidó - who declared himself interim president on Wednesday - said he was reaching out to all sectors including the military to end the crisis.

It comes amid US efforts to block Mr Maduro's revenue streams.

Mr Maduro has cut ties with the US and has so far been backed by the military.

The US, more than a dozen Latin American countries, as well as Canada and the UK, have backed his claim.

But Russia has condemned foreign support for Mr Guaidó, saying it violated international law and was a "direct path to bloodshed". China, Mexico and Turkey also back Mr Maduro.

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