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Armenian PM participates in a discussion on “Future of Democracy“ in Davos
2019-01-23 19:09:43

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan participated in the discussion on "Shaping the future of democracy" on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Sitting down in discussion were: Daniella Ballou-Aares, CEO, Leadership Now Project, Ivan Duque, President of Colombia, Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, KP Sharma Oli, Prime Minister of Nepal, Arthur Gregg Sulzberg, Publisher, New York Times and Martin Wolf, Chief Economic Editor, Financial Times

On parliamentary elections

Nikol Pashinyan first reminded that parliamentary elections were held in Armenia a month ago, which were assessed as free, democratic and transparent.

“And now as we have recorded great success in the field of democracy, we are facing serious challenges, and the biggest challenge is to empower our democracy economically,” the Prime Minister said.

“We have to make our citizens even stronger and more independent in economic terms,” Pashinyan said, adding that “the greatest challenge is to strengthen our democracy economically, and we hope to attract new foreign investments because we have been able to fight corruption, reinstate the rule of law, and we are going to simplify the regulations in order to attract more investments.”

On media Freedom

With reference to media freedom in Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan noted: “I am a journalist, chief editor and former political prisoner. I can assert that media now enjoys more freedom than ever in Armenia.

Although Pashinyan accepted that not all journalists may agree with him. because many believe that media is not completely free in Armenia.

“I think it is just normal that media and the government are somewhat at odds as we can witness that there is now little trust in governments around the world due to the fact that people nowadays know much more about high-ranking officials than before,” he added.

Nikol Pashinyan expressed conviction that full transparency in government activity is the key to increasing the level of trust towards the executive.

On social media role

Nikol Pashinyan next spoke about the role of social media in the modern world. “As a matter of fact, we succeeded in our revolution owing to social media because we were caught in media blockade, but we managed to bring about a breakthrough in this field. Now, I continue to hold live broadcasts on my Facebook page.”

“ I am proud to state that our country has been recognized as a free Internet country, which in turn opens up news exchange opportunities or transparency,” {ashinyan said.

“Indeed, it leaves a huge loophole for fake news, which adversely affects our country’s image around the world. Frankly speaking, I do not know what to do in such situations. And I would be happy if anyone could tell us which way to go,” he concluded.


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