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Republican Party should run in elections, ex-Defense Minister says
2018-11-07 12:28:14

The Republican Party of Armenia should definitely participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, says former Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan.

“The political party will thus submit an application to serve the people in a new status rather than take offence after the change of power,” Sargsyan said in a Facebook post.

“Being in opposition is neither a privilege, nor an administrative lever or a high social position. It is an honorable opportunity to repent of own mistakes with work, not words,” he added.

“A party that has been in power for long years simply has no right to “wash its hands” and distance itself from public life, taking all its experience, knowledge and skills,” the ex-Defense Minister said.

Armenia will hold snap parliamentary elections on December 9.

The National Assembly was dissolved after two failed attempts to elect Prime Minister.

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan resigned last month in a bid to trigger early elections.

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