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Make Your Move, Select Armenia: New campaign to promote the country
2018-11-06 13:45:26

Aiming to boost Armenian exports and attract investments, Business Armenia has created a marketing package presenting the country image and sectors of the economy.

The materials will be published  with the brand name of “Select Armenia” and carry the “Make Your Move, Select Armenia” slogan. The package has been prepared in English with a view of targeting international investors and reach foreign markets,

The attractiveness of the Armenian economy is shown through the examples of pharmaceuticals, energy, agriculture, textile, IT, and jewelry sectors. The marketing package includes videos (roughly two minutes each), sectoral research, success stories, and printed materials.

Business Armenia has shared the first video on YouTube. The video is about the IT sector. It presents people, numeric indicators, investment as well as business privileges and conditions.

According to the research conducted by the research and analysis department of Business Armenia, the export volume of the Armenian IT sector has increased by 38% annually over the past three years. The significant number of exports have bee to the US, Canada, and Europe.

Last year the exports of the sector reached around $338.6 million. 150 start-ups were founded. The success stories include those of Microsoft Innovation Center, Benivo and Synopsis Armenia. 

“This is a comprehensive and professional way to present Armenia's investment and business attractiveness. The package does not contain all the indicators on the country. The main goal is to direct businessmen and potential investors to the Select Armenia platform, where detailed information about Armenia is published” stated the CEO of Business Armenia Mr. Armen Avak Avakian.

The marketing department has conducted the management of the project and Doping company has made the videos. Doping was selected by tender based on the procurement law.

“It took us four months to shoot the videos all around Armenia, including all marzes. We specifically filmed the videos to display the business environment of Armenia” mentioned the Creative team manager of Doping Mr. Hovhannes Margaryan.


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