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Historic Armenian school building in Istanbul might be rebuilt into hotel
2018-11-05 14:44:52

The Khorenyan Armenian Primary School building in Istanbul that has been trying to stand in a wreck for a quarter of a century, might be rebuilt into hotel, Akunq.Net reports.

According to the Turkish Vatan daily, the school that opened in 1821 next to the Armenian Surp Hreshdagabed Church, has now become home to homeless.

If the project is confirmed, the school with huge cracks on the walls will be rebuilt into hotel.

Aram Kuran, second president of the Khorenian School and Cemetery Foundation of the Armenian Church of Surp Hreshdagabed says they have rented the building for 18 years, and adds that if they are granted a permit to restore the building, it will benefit both the Turkish economy and the foundation.

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