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Residents of Amulslar adjacent communities urge Serj Tankian & others to stop campaign against mining
2018-11-03 17:57:55

The residents of Amulsar adjacent communities have expressed their concern and disappointment over the recent “Save Amulsar” video campaign on the web.

“We highly appreciate your sincere care for Armenia, but it is very disappointing to see so superficial judgments about one of the most important projects for Armenia - Amulsar Gold Mine Project. It is regrettable to witness that your opinions are one-sided and based on regular emotional statements and allegations by a group of activists,” the letter reads.

The call comes after Serj Tankian, Vahe Berberian, Arto Tunjboyajyan and other artists started a Facebook campaign to speak against mining in general and mining in Amulsar specifically.

“Meantime, this is a hot-button issue that has grabbed the attention of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan who has repeatedly mentioned that any decision on Amulsar gold mine operation must be based on undisputable facts. Noteworthy that the activists who misled you have not submitted any reliable facts to the prime minister to prove their allegations so far. Unfortunately, you have no information about the activists misleading you. Meantime, they have been holding a targeted campaign for years against Amulsar Project that applies European best practice amid irreversible environmental damage caused by a number of other mines operating in Armenia, the residents say.

The add that “a simple search in Google will show that over 1,400 mines are operated in U.S., which is a hundred times as much as in Armenia. U.S. is one of the world’s largest gold producers.

“So, why should we leave in a backward agrarian country, when U.S., where our dear Serj Tankian, Vahe Berberian and Arto Tunjboyajyan live, uses all industrial advantages and keeps developing thanks to mining as well? Instead of supporting a highly responsible western company investing in Armenia, you are playing into the hands of the people who hinder major investments in the country. Don’t you want to see the well-being of your compatriots? Aren’t you concerned about constantly growing migration from Armenia? U.S. and Canada, the countries you live in, have a developed and responsible mining industry for the welfare of their peoples, while you advise us to reject our development opportunity. Where is the logic, dear artists?” the letter continues.

In conclusion, the residents express hope that the artists will try to get more information about the facts about the project and pledge their willingness to present the project and answer al related questions.

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