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Armenia building relations with countries on the basis of sovereign equality - MFA
2018-12-19 17:23:32

Armenia is consistently building its relations with other countries on the principles of sovereign equality, Spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna Naghdalyan has said.

“We are not building ties with one country at the expense of relations with another one. This position will continue to serve as a basis for our foreign policy,” Naghdalyan told RIA Novosti.

The comments come after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin’s statement.

“Moscow hopes the new leadership in Armenia will find enough courage to resist the US blackmail and will make independent decisions,” Karasin said in an earlier interview with RIA Novosti.

“Against the background of the radical changes taking place in the country this year, Washington’s interference with its domestic and foreign affairs is becoming more and more unceremonious,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

The remarks were made after US national security adviser John Bolton declared in Yerevan earlier this year that “US weapons are better than the Russian ones.”

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