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Socks and photos: Armenian PM’s gift to Canada’s Trudeau
2018-10-13 01:18:39

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has given his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau a couple of his father’s photos taken in Yerevan in 1984 and a pair of socks knit in the colors of the Armenian flag.

The photos of Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau were found in the archives of the State Security Committee.

Justin Trudeau, who was too young at the time, was never captured on cameras, as he presented no interest for the security services of the then Soviet Republic of Armenia.

Nikol Pashinyan handed Mr. Trudeau a pair of socks knit in the colors of the Armenian flag. Two samples of the socks have been made by one of the Armenian companies – one for Trudeau and one for Pashinyan.

“Justin and I have agreed to wear the socks at our meeting tomorrow,” Nikol Pashinyan later said in a Facebook post.

The Armenian Prime Minister today hosted an official dinner in honor of Justin Trudeau, who is paying an official visit to Armenia.

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