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My Step bloc leads the vote in Armenia's parliamentary election
2018-12-09 23:25:57

My Step bloc leads the vote in Armenia’s parliamentary election. With data from 45 out of 2010 polling stations processed, the bloc has received 61,41% of the votes. Prosperous Armenia Party and Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun come second and third with 13.39% and 9.86% of the voes respectively.

Bright Armenia Party is fourth with 6.76% of the votes, the republican Armenia Party comes fifth with 4.29%.

A total of 2010 polling stations were opened across the republic. According to Police data, 2,573,779 citizens were eligible to cast their ballot in 13 voting districts across the republic.

The Central Electoral Commission said  a total of 1,260,840 citizens or 48.63% of eligible voters cast their ballot in the snap parliamentary elections.

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