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Armenia in the spotlight: 80+ foreign journalists cover the snap elections
2018-12-09 17:54:35

More than 80 foreign journalists representing about 40 international media outlets have been accredited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cover the snap parliamentary elections in Armenia, MFA Spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan said in a Twitter post.

Aremnia is in the spotlight, as citizens are taking to polls to vote in the first popular elections, after the “Velvet Revolution” that saw ex-Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resign.

Armenia’s National Assembly was dissolved by virtue of law in early November after two failed attempts to elect Prime Minister. Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan's nomination for the post was more of formal character to ensure the constitutionality of the process. Pashinyan resigned on October 16 to trigger early parliamentary elections.

In an article titled “Armenia leader Nikol Pashinyan holds test snap election,” the BBC describes the election as “a key test for the man behind the peaceful "Velvet Revolution" that swept the country in April.”

According to Deutsche Welle, “Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian wants to weaken his predecessor's party in the parliament and cement his leadership.”

The Associated Press notes that the election is expected to further consolidate the power of the nation’s new Prime Minister.

“Pashinian has pushed for early vote to win control of a parliament that was dominated by his political foes,” the agency notes.

According to Reuters, “Armenians vote in election testing revolution's power shift.” Reuters notes that “Pashinyan - the former newspaper editor, who was jailed for fomenting unrest in 2008 - came to power in the wake of weeks of mass protests against corruption and cronyism in Armenia.”

Aljazeera sees the vote as “a test of the power shift in Armenia following the peaceful revolution earlier this year.”

Turkey’s Daily Sabah and TRT World have published an article by AFP, which notes that “Pashinyan's party is expected to get a majority in the new legislature, allowing him to push ahead with his campaign to reshape the South Caucasus nation's political landscape and spark an economic revolution.”

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