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Zarni-Parni: Medieval cave castle complex in Armenia's Lori restored
2019-06-13 16:15:50

The medieval Zarni-Parni cave castle complex near the village of Haghpat, Armenia, has been restored thanks to efforts of Ruben Mesrobyan from Alaverdi, the Armenian government informs in a Facebook post.

Located in a picturesque forest canyon with a delightful panorama view of the Kayan fortress, the historical complex consists of the ‘’Zarni er’’ and‘’Parni er’’ castles embodying the strong will and persistence of the participants of the Armenian national liberation struggle, as well as the ‘’Tsak er’’ cave. According to some historical records the XI-XIIc. great scholar and philosopher Hovhannes Imastaser lived and worked in this cave.

These historical monuments had been buried under thick layers of soil and dense forest vegetation. After restoring the road leading to the cave, the area was cleaned up and stone steps were carved up to the ‘’Parni er’’ castle.

The completely restored area was made into a historical museum that features hundreds of unique exhibits, agricultural tools and equipment, including wooden ploughs, yokes, household items, kitchenware, pitchers, large wine jars and a great number of other articles representing the culture and daily life of the local people.

The area of the complex has been made into an exceptional cultural setting tastefully combining the old with the new. The complex houses traditional vineyards, a winery and a tavern. Visitors can enjoy Armenian national dishes and world famous as well as local wines, try out archery and crossbow shooting, play darts and chess, watch national games and buy souvenirs.


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