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Artsakh refutes Azerbaijani claims, reports use of heavy weapons by Baku
2019-06-12 13:29:13

The Artsakh Defense Ministry has issued a statement, reporting growth in the number of Azerbaijani UAV flights along the line of contact. Besides, it notes, that Azerbaijani military aircrafts are often violating the air space during training flights.

The Defense Ministry has also played down the reports by Azerbaijani media outlets, claiming that the Armenian side violated the ceasefire regime, using firearms and 60 mm mortars.

“We not only refute the information, but also note that the Azerbaijani side used different types of long-range and sniper weapons, as well as HAN-17 grenade launchers at different sections of the line of contact on June 11 and the night of June 12,” the statement reads.

The Ministry says the anti-aircraft systems of the Defense Army keep the operational situation under control. It urges the Azerbaijani side to refrain from provocative actions that could artificially aggravate the situation and commit to the agreements on ceasefire reached with mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs.

“Otherwise, Baku will bear responsibility for the aggravation of the situation and the consequent consequences of it,” the statement concluded.

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