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Armenian weightlifter Mel Daluzyan stabbed in Amsterdam
2019-05-31 13:29:09

Armenian weightlifter Mel Daluzyan has been stabbed in Amsterdam, when trying to help the cashier during an armed attack on a supermarket.

“Two robbers armed with a knife attacked a cashier in an Albert Heijn supermarket in the center of Amsterdam. My friend Mel was shopping at that moment,” his friend Arthur Minasyan said in a Facebook post.

Mel rushed to help the cashier and stop the robbers. He succeeded, and after a while, the police arrived and arrested the robbers.

Before the police would arrive, one of the robbers managed to stab him with a knife.  Mel is in hospital now, he is stable. Dutch newspapers have called his step “heroic."

Mel Daluzyan is two-time European weightlifting champion and record holder, two-time world silver medalist. The transgender athlete has been living in the Netherlands for three years. 

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