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Armenian servicemen get salary increase
2019-05-23 19:01:25

The Armenian Government decided today to raise servicemen’s salaries

The executive adopted a decision today to establish the exact size of extra payments, define the concept of and the criteria for the exercise of military service under special conditions.

Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan noted that in order to comply with the Prime Minister’s directive to increase servicemen’s salaries, a bump on wages is envisaged for the exercise of official duties that will increase servicemen’s salaries by an average of 10%.

Commenting on the decision, Nikol Pashinyan said: “We are going to raise the salaries of military personnel as of this June 1, and the proposed regulations are meant to ensure that the actual amount of salaries or benefits be much higher for non-commissioned officers and for those serving under special conditions."

As a result, hw said, the salaries of junior staff and those serving under special conditions will be much higher as compared to the commissioned staff and the leadership of the Armed Forces.

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