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Arsenal fans launch petition to get Europa League final moved from Baku to Wembley
2019-05-23 18:21:50

Arsenal fans have launched an online petition to get the Europa League final moved from Azerbaijan to London with midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan not attending for safety reasons, the Daily Mail reports.  

The '#BoycottBaku' campaign appeared on petition website with the description revealing how a signature meant supporters 'will be taking a stand in solidarity' after news of Mkhitaryan's omission.  

The full supporting statement for the petition reads: 'In addition to the numerous & unprecedented logistical issues that have precluded a majority of fans from both Arsenal & Chelsea from attending the Europa League Final, Uefa's decision to host the match in Baku, Azerbaijan, is one that has forced Arsenal's Armenian international Henrikh Mkhitaryan to be left out of the North London side's squad, for fear of bodily harm stemming from Armenia and Azerbaijan's century-long violent conflict.

'This decision by Uefa is one that unabashedly prioritises profit over the sanctity of the beautiful game & the safety of its players; and while recognisably unrealistic, this petition calls for Uefa to recognise the nefarious effects of their decision, & sanction of move of the Final from Baku to London's Wembley Stadium.'

'By signing this petition, you will be taking a stand in solidarity with the fans of Arsenal & Chelsea, Mkhitaryan, and the game of football itself. #BoycottBaku.'

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